Military members moving fueling hoses on the air field at Wright-Patterson Airforce Base

Apartments Near Wright-Patterson AFB

In 2003, Congress declared Ohio the “Birthplace of Aviation,” owing to the fact that the Wright Brothers were born right here in Dayton. While the inventors of the aircraft are the foundation of the region’s status as an area where aviation innovation thrives, other modern developments have helped solidify that title. In particular, the storied Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which has built up more than a century of aviation history in Dayton, is a major player in the modern aviation industry. And as an employer that is home to more than 27,000 workers, it is also a significant driver of the local economy, heightening demand for apartments near Wright-Patterson AFB and helping the local business and entertainment industries to flourish.

The base today sits on the former Huffman Prairie Flying Field, which welcomed the Wright Brothers in the early 20th century as they experimented with their aviation equipment, eventually developing the first airplane. It later hosted the brothers’ aviation school. In 1917, the U.S. Army bought the land, and later merged it with Patterson Field to establish the Air Force Base.

Today, the 12.5-square-mile base is a bustling center of military and civilian activity, home to a number of active units that ensure Air Force operations are carried out smoothly and safely. The National Air and Space Intelligence Center is headquartered here, where some of the Air Force’s most sophisticated international operations are overseen, along with the Air Force Institute of Technology — meaning military members at every stage of their careers call the site home and are in need of apartments near Wright-Patterson AFB.

Among its many distinctions, Wright-Patterson holds the title of the region’s largest employer—it even employs more people than the next three largest companies combined, with an estimated 7,500 service members who work on site, alongside more than 20,000 civil-service and contract workers. However, the base only has 2,100 housing units available, meaning the vast majority of employees look outside for accommodations, commuting from throughout the region. While the base is a major employer, as the site of the world’s largest and oldest aviation museum, it is also a popular tourist destination, with free admission for aviation enthusiasts to explore the site and its eye-opening aircraft displays.

The high volume of traffic at the base has fueled growth in the local area, making apartments near Wright-Patterson AFB a popular choice—as workers can enjoy easy commutes and ample opportunities in their off hours, and members of the public can take advantage of all the potential that comes with living in a bustling community.

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